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People and institutions are increasingly seeking ways to address harmful legacies, create inclusive cultural practices and shift the systems that prevent us adapting.

Sarah Dixon Studio is a centre for creating and discovering new models and opening up possibilities through coaching and art practice, so we can all contribute to the pressing challenges of our times.

We are all born into an evolutionary history that shapes how we function as organisms, and we inherit legacies of culture and structure from our forebears.

I am here to help us examine these inherited patterns, and facilitate change so as to come into good relationship with each other, and the seen and unseen worlds around us.



As an artist I have a thriving personal practice. Through my work I explore my own relationship to our culture, themes of significance to me and often collaborate to create community pieces. You’ll find the recurring themes of divinity and the feminine, patriarchy, justice, integration and ritual run through my work, as well as a steady grounding in the natural world and relationship.

Cuda, Ancient Goddess of the Cotswolds

100 Goddesses

An exploration of feminine power, in which I am creating 100 egg tempera paintings of a range of Goddesses known and intuited.

The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls


An inspirational project featuring a poster of 101 amazing figures from the past centuries and around the world, to encourage new perspectives and share role models for young people.

The Milky Way - game to play in the National Gallery created with the WAAS SAFEDI commission


The Women’s Art Activation System is a collaborative  endeavour founded in 2016.  A performance practice exploring female creative experience with groups and galleries.

Transformative exploration

Work With me

As an artist, facilitator and coach, my work supports individuals, communities and institutions to evolve and adapt, creating a more inclusive, healthier and equitable future for us and generations to come. My approach is deeply relational, exploratory and responsive. It gives us the opportunity to do profound and meaningful work on the themes and patterns that affect us all, in a curious, playful and creative way.

Exploring a topic, generative conversations for creative solutions


Working with individuals and groups, I offer creative design, project advisory and consultation services. As a qualified coach I can also offer coaching space for you to generate new solutions and move from stuck to empowered.

Silver heirlooms

Heirloom Coaching

A one-to-one process for individuals to explore their relationship to an inherited object. This is an opportunity to heal intergenerational patterns and trauma, and change the legacy we leave.


These inspiring conversations and creative workshops, make space for uncovering, exploring, and finding alternative perspectives for our personal stories and shared narratives.

About me

Sarah Dixon

As an artist and creator, designer and scientist, ritualist and feminist, I am always examining thought patterns and cultural behaviours – in myself and in society around me. This leads to the creation of new modes of relating, new cultural practices and habits that can be taken up by others and modelled into inclusive, integrated and human-ecological forms of social structure. 

I am the co-creator of The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls – a founding member of The Women’s Art Activation Systeminventor of rituals, art and culture – and creator of 100 Goddesses – a series of paintings of Goddess archetypes from around the world and my own imagination.

What they say

"I was profoundly moved by the power of such a simple process to utterly transform my relationship with my mother's ring. Sarah's holding, with her light and supportive guidance, created just the right space for me to explore at the level needed to create this change.
Forever grateful."
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