Socially engaged interventions

These examples of my practice are works I have generated recently, either myself or in collaboration with others.

Sarah Dixon at work in the studio
My work

socially engaged art & design

The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls

the periodic table of brilliant women & girls

A collaboration with my husband Rob, in which we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to create this colourful poster and accompanying booklet. Featuring 101 world-changing figures you may not have heard of, we celebrate and lift up female contributions to society globally.

An Unpublishable Rant


These animated and real-life printed artworks express a range of emotional content, mostly  responses to online social activity. Available as NFTs on OpenSea. Also available as prints, please enquire for details.


the ritual burning of unwanted art

The ritual burning of unwanted art

Addressing the problem of clearing out items that are both valued AND not wanted, this is a process to be performed in a group or alone that allows us to be free of excess artworks without being hampered by guilt, anxiety or dread.



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