Sarah Dixon working with women in pregnancy at The Baby Makers creative session 2021

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Speaking at Stroud Imagines on Neurodivergence


This is a talk about how we imagine differences in each other’s nervous systems – how can we try to do that, what do we need to learn and how do we think about language as well and the impact it may have on how we frame this thing called “neurodiversity”?

If you’d like to discuss having this talk and conversation at your organisation please contact me here.

Imagining Neurodiversity - Talk by Sarah Dixon
Sarah Dixon speaking on Neurodiversity


Making the Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls was a big insight into how women get marginalised and removed from the collective imagination of who shapes human culture. If you would like a talk to inspire your staff or pupils and think about how we can change the path for future girls and women let’s have a chat.

The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls
Let's chat about inspiring women!


I support the FiveXMore campaign and I offer workshops and talks for organisations to explore how we can improve maternal care for Black mothers and to address systemic racism in perinatal care.

Birthrights Report summary
Talks and workshops on addressing Black maternal health

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