100 Goddesses

Intuitive paintings in egg tempera
an exploration

feminine power

Connecting with land, nature and ancient goddess cults, I am creating intuitive, naive paintings to express a deep connection to ecology, earth and spirit. 

After an artist residency at Hawkwood College, a beautiful place of woodland with a spring,  I developed an intention to create 100 paintings of land/goddess in 2022. this is an exploration of multiple aspects of the feminine or femme-being, and how rich and complex that is, contrary to much of the cultural conditioning we are subject to in this European, white and patriarchal system.

I have a chronic health condition and through the residency I realised that this process of land connection and art making is essential for my well-being – that’s another reason  I’ve decided to commit to creating these paintings.

The paintings are made with egg tempera and natural earth pigments including earth, clay and chalk from the Cotswolds land where I live. I also purchased pigments from further afield for example Cyprus, where I grew up, Italy which I love and has a strong history of egg tempera painting, or other parts of the UK that are creating traditional artist pigments. 

These are A3 size and painted on high quality artists paper. The materials are very durable. I use spring water to mix the paint and healing rituals to embody the greatest positive energy into the images.

You can claim a Goddess and learn more on the dedicated 100Goddesses.Life website .

Artworks to collect


This is a small sample of the 100 paintings in the Goddess collection. You can claim a Goddess for yourself and see all the details of the show in Stroud and associated events on the dedicated 100Goddesses.Life website .