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Coaching is a wholly empowering process, where a safe space is held for you to address challenges, resolve crises, clear your thinking and regalvanise you for the work you want to do.
I work with a diverse range of changemakers who are grappling with the complexity of the times. Intelligent, original and passionate impact-makers require intelligent, creative and grounded support. Coaching with me will provide you with that nurturing and necessary space that will empower you to grow.
The encouragement, affirmation and validation that can be gained through working 1-1 with a trusted coach and mentor is essential for making the most of your gifts, and to enable you to make your greatest contribution.
The space I provide is a thoughtful and powerful counterpoint to the potentially overwhelming, stressful and demanding daily work of being in the world as a force for change.
If you would like to explore how we can work together, you can book a discovery conversation today. I look forward to meeting you.


If you decide to work with me, we normally will begin with a 90-minute catalyst session, where we dig into your unique situation, start to uncover some of the blockers and establish a framework for change.
Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom or in person in Stroud, at mutually convenient times.

What we cover in our sessions is entirely bespoke. I am here to create the space where together we generate the insights you need to foster deeper resilience and grow your capacity for the change you want to make.

It may be that just one session is enough for you to come to a place of resolution, or it maybe that some further work is useful. If that is the case we will put together a tailored package to get you to where you want to be.

If you are facing an immediate challenge, you can go right ahead and book a 60 minute 1-1 session right now.

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