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Heirloom coaching is a very gentle, creative and intuitive coaching process that gives you the opportunity to explore and transform your connection to an inherited object.

Heirlooms, whatever significance we actively give them, are a powerful bridge between our past, present and future. How we relate to objects and the energy they carry, present a potent opportunity to heal past wounds and alter the legacy we leave for future generations in a truly unique way. When we work with an object, we have an unusal opportunity to discover new ways of relating to the past. 

The dynamics of our relationships to our ancestors are often contained within inherited objects. If those relationships are painful or traumatic in any way, the ripple effect of that can carry forward.

The objects themselves, be they as small as a ring, or as large as a whole property and all the contents, can offer us guidance and support.

If we feel we’d like the opportunity to shift generational patterns, heal past relationships, even after loved ones have passed on, or create a future with more healing and positive possibility, Heirloom Coaching is a beautiful, gentle and profound way to do that.

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Having gone through an in-depth process myself with MELTDOWN, in which I transformed  silver heirlooms into a new set of objects for my daughter to inherit, I am now pleased to offer you the chance to work with your own inheritance and step into intergenerational healing.


To begin, we carefully choose your object to work with.

This can be anything you’ve inherited that you feel might have a story to tell or a legacy to be transformed. You might not have an active connection with this object, but perhaps it is still on your mind which suggests there maybe some valuable work to do. 

We work together in an initial conversation and I will guide you to connect with your heirloom in a very gentle and intuitive way. We will explore what has been handed to you and what needs to happen to support you or to make the intergenerational shift that your family needs. 

It may be that just one session is enough for you to come to a place of resolution, or it maybe that some further work is useful. 

You may be invited to go away and spend some time with your object to reflect and do some of your own work. We will connect again and explore what has unfolded for you. It may be that you feel some change to the object would be helpful and we can work together to do that. We might create a ceremony or event, each object and journey is individual. There may be multiple conversions over time depending on what you feel is needed, and ideally we would end our work with your heirloom with a celebration or ceremony to honour the transformation that has taken place. 


"I was profoundly moved by the power of such a simple process to utterly transform my relationship with my mother's ring. Sarah's holding, with her light and supportive guidance, created just the right space for me to explore at the level needed to create this change.
Forever grateful."

To get a sense of what an initial Heirloom Coaching session might look like

you can watch this process with Elizabeth and her ring here.


How long does this process take?

It may be just one session of around and hour is all you need. We would do this over zoom or in person at my studio in stroud or I can travel to you, which may be particularly helpful if your inherited object is particularly large like a whole house. It maybe that several sessions over a series of days or weeks is preferred. It’s an unfolding journey and we will work in a way and at a pace that works for you.

What kinds of objects is Heirloom Coaching suited to?

Absolutely anything that you have inherited. There may be something left in the attic or a storage or box, that you don’t feel you can pass on but don’t really feel is right for you either. Perhaps you have something from a loved one who has passed on and you haven’t given it much attention yet it’s still in your mind. The items don’t have to be from someone who has died; they can be large or small, multiple or just in your memory.

Do I have to change the object for this to work?

Not necessarily. Some people find that the process works like a kind of alchemy and they feel they would like to alter the object in some way but this isn’t always the case and certainly not needed to create a shift or new legacy. If you feel a transformation is called for, this is always done with the greatest of respect for the object, its history and the wider context of your family.

Will this open up things from the past I’m not ready to deal with?

My experience is whatever is ready to be worked on is what comes forward and that is led by you. If you feel drawn to this type of coaching the chances are you are in a place where you are ready to heal and move on. The intention for each session is a very gentle and respectful one. There will of course be emotions or thoughts to process but you are accompanied and closely supported in that work. 

What can I expect as a result of Heirloom Coaching?

Every person, object and experience is different. There will be a shift but the unique expression of that will vary. It might be that you feel a different connection to your heirloom that is more peaceful, joyful or meaningful.

It might be that family dynamics shift in positive ways. It might be that you feel a sense of resolution or putting to rest of past experiences.

Some people have shared a new love for their heirloom, a freedom to be able to pass it on and a sense of having done something beautiful for both themselves and future generations.

Everyone is different and the results can be subtle or dynamic depending on how you engage with the process. An open heart and curious mind is always a helpful aid to the process.


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